UltraBrite 2ft: S$1668.00
UltraRGB 2ft: S$1405.00
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LumenAqua Ultra-Brite LED

Energy saving at only 50% of power consumption of 400W metal halide.

Programmable timer function

Adjustable colour temperature

5 sets of memories with timer, recover the different required lights at any set time.

More than 20,000 hours lifespan (8 hours/day for 7 years), save cost of changing lamps like traditional light fixtures.

LED is cool light source. It does not affect water temperature. Save cost of cooling equipments.

Fixed LED blue wavelength that encourages sea anemones, coral reef growth.

Reaches 12,000LUX at the depth of 60cm.

Comes with movable slide track

* Ultra RGB – automatic rainbow colour change and sunshine simulation every 24hrs.